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Sylvia's Billionaire Bull: A Cuckold and Hot Wife Breeding Story

Sylvia's Billionaire Bull: A Cuckold and Hot Wife Breeding Story
By Arthur Mitchell

Content copyright 2012 Arthur Mitchell. All rights reserved.
Smashwords Edition.

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance it may hold to persons living or
deceased is entirely coincidental.
All individuals depicted in this work are adults over the age of eighteen years old.

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Exploring the Unthinkable
Hardly anyone had ever seen Markos Lambrinidis in person. At the time they were invited to the
billionaire's estate for an exclusive social, Robert Plame never couldn't imagined that his wife would
end up in his bedroom, thrashing around on sultan grade silk as he drove into her again and again.
Beneath his powerful bulk, Sylvia looked up into her husband's eyes, starring with icy blue orbs that
seemed so distant in a void composed only of pure pleasure. As the Greek magnate bored into her with
his barrel shaped girth, her pupils dilated and her eyes rolled. He was giving her something that no one
else ever had, including her husband.
Her breaths were coming in machine gun bursts, accompanied by clanging moans. He thought he heard
his name clack off her tongue. “Robby...”
It's not possible. It can't be! These herculean muscles on my days as her lover, her
companion, are over. I can barely remember how it came to this...
But Robert did remember. Bitterly, the memories flowed across his brain from the musty corner in the
back, returning him to the moment when they arrived at the otherworldly estate.
“This is gorgeous! I've never seen such a magnificent beach in all my years. Just look at the sands,
Robby. Pure as snow!” Sylvia skipped down toward the pale coastline, leaving her shoes behind on the
pavement, just like a little girl overwhelmed with an exotic new adventure.
Robert laughed, happy that his wife had found something of value in the trip. He thought that she
would, though he knew little else about why the Great Markos had summoned him there.
At the time he sold his Insta-Glamour network for eight figures, he didn't think it would catch the
attention of old money. Lambrinidis was the very definition of well aged dollars. His aristocratic
background, perhaps, led him to fight for relevance in the modern age by spearheading the world's
most daring start ups and adventurous schemes beyond the boldness of most entrepreneurs and

Who hadn't heard of the Lambrinidis space elevator, slowly rising to the heavens from a desolate spot
in Sub-Saharan Africa? He had gotten financing from his fellow billionaires to oversee the massive
project, but the glassy ladder to heaven had his name branded on it, proving his visionary role.
Lately, he had been buying up social networks across the web, which is what Robert guessed was his
purpose for being there. Perhaps the Greek billionaire would ask him to design an all new site for
marketing and interaction, fully funded by venture capital that would finally let him realize his dreams.
His eyes tickled in the sunlight as he imagining his sizable investment portfolio exploding, and his
name landing on keynote lists at the big tech conferences. The Mediterranean sunlight made the
dreamy atmosphere irresistible, but his wife's shrill voice shook him out of his trance.
“Robby! Come on, the sand feels sooooo good under my toes. This place is beautiful...” She sighed,
doing nothing to hide her awestruck expression.
“Syl, we need to get going up to the house. We can always check in and come back later. I get the
impression that they don't appreciate lollygagging around here.”
She pouted, but slipped her sandy feet back into her shoes and followed him up the winding incline
toward the wooden gates. When they were inside, they found that the estate resembled a hotel,
complete with a receptionist's desk and a cozy fireplace in the lobby.
A wiry Greek in a finely pressed tuxedo took their information down, and a moment later, a nearly
identical man appeared to cart their luggage upstairs. They were on the fifth floor of the house, the
same place where Markos himself kept his master bedroom.
“You'll want to come down at seven o'clock, Mister and Missus Plame. There will be a small reception,
and then Mr. Lambrinidis will greet you individually.”
Here's to hoping I'm up to his standards.

Robert tried to force his worrisome self-doubt out, without much success, nervously readjusting his
collar. Their room oozed luxuriance. The towering chamber held a mini-bar, three rooms, and an
impressive array of the latest technological refinements.
Sylvia kicked off her shoes and jumped onto the king sized bed, happily sinking into its softness. The
bed was draped with glacier blue sheets, which she swept up in a bundle and brought to her face. A
large window spilled out into the light blue sky, giving the room all the light it needed.
As a tech geek, he couldn't resist examining all of the appliances: an expensive espresso machine, one
of the new microwaves that could turn a frozen morass into dinner within seconds, and a high tech
kiosk for his laptop. Goosebumps of excitement formed on his flesh. Despite his millions, he hadn't
come close to living like this.
“Robby, leave the computer alone and come feel this bed,” she purred. He turned around after placing
his bag on the desk, just in time to see his wife's outstretched body. She had yanked down the straps on
her dress, almost exposing her bountiful breasts to the open air.
A little rest can't hurt, can it?
He unbuttoned the constricting Oxford shirt and laid next to her, impressed with the way the bed
swallowed his muscles, without hurting his back. The plane from New York and an hour long limo ride
had tired him out. He had to awaken, focus, and recharge – somehow – before he was due to meet the
Greek later.
“Maybe I can help with that,” she said, almost as if she were reading his thoughts. As she tugged at his
belt, it became obvious she had a different type of rest and relaxation in mind.
His cock snapped out toward her face the minute his trousers and boxers came down. She went to work
sucking him, knowing from much experience that it wouldn't take long to bring it off. Each time it
landed in her hands, she hoped for a different result, but Robert couldn't deliver one.
Less than a minute after her red tinted lips were gliding along his shaft, he felt the pressure building in
his testes. He rolled his head back, a prisoner to pleasure, vainly trying to shrug off the embarrassment
that he knew was about to follow.
His wife's head bobbed up and down, and he reached a hand down to feel her right breast through the
silky dress. The sunlight was beaming down on them through the glass, warming the entire room,
shattering the illusion between body and environment as layered temperatures collided.
Oh, God. I just can't help it...Syl, I'm gonna - !
He raised his hips and thrust himself back toward her throat, too short to trigger her gag reflex. His
prick gushed into her mouth, and she moaned as his hot seed pumped out, splashing against her tongue
as she greedily sucked it down.
Robert had his head pressed deep into the pillows, savoring the moment with his eyes closed. Sylvia
finished vacuuming up his slippery mess, feeling his cock wilt rapidly in her mouth. She held the
softening base in her fingers with disinterest.
Nothing out of the ordinary...again, she thought. Everything is so perfect here, except for this. I wish
that just once in my life I could get a good, hard fuck, without watching my husband lose himself like a
High School kid on prom night.
Sure, the studs I hunt down behind his back are good fun. But there's no connection - I feel nothing
after they've spent themselves inside me, or on me, filling my body with orgasm and my heart with
His watery seed doesn't even taste creamy. Over a year of no protection, and he still hasn't knocked me
up. He's just so...
She felt his hand lightly stroking her long blonde hair. The earlier fire she had felt in her loins had
drained into sympathy, rather than lust.
A sudden tiredness overcame her, and she rested her head on his naked chest. Sylvia drifted off to
sleep, wondering how much better things would be if she, too, could bask in the afterglow.

Vying for Immortality

There were fewer people in the lounge that evening than Robert expected. He had attended his fair
share of tech conferences before, including ones at private retreats, and he anticipated seeing more than
the two dozen or so people trundling about the large granite room.
Sylvia swooped in toward the buffet table, where a long row of fresh delicacies awaited next to large
kegs of wine. His own stomach was quaking with the surreal glamor of the foreign estate, and he was
too busy casting anxious glances throughout the room in search of Markos to dive into the hors
d'oeuvres or liquor himself.
He sat down at one of the oval tables arranged throughout the room. Everyone appeared to be older and
unfamiliar, all of them millionaires like himself drawn from across Europe and the North America to
the grand estate.
A strapping man in his mid-thirties approached him, reaching out an athlete's enormous paw and
rattling his arm as they shook hands. A smile rippled across the stranger's face, giving his head a broad
contortion that stretched his powerful neck muscles upright. Robert had never seen a man's entire face
smile before.
“So glad you could make it here,” he said, speaking nearly flawless English, with just the thinnest trace
of an accent. “This is a relaxing and productive atmosphere, is it not?”
Robert detected the defiant strength and confidence of the man through the blood pumping into his
palms while they shook hands. He couldn't be anyone but Markos.
“Yes, sir, very pleasant. I'm honored and delighted that you brought me here and I -” The Greek
stopped him with a sharp swipe of his arm.
“Please. This is all my pleasure. You will hear me talk about the project in a bit, but first, I want to meet
your lovely wife, who I am told is very beautiful. Where is she?” Markos cast a suspicious glance down
at him, as though he worried for a moment that he had linked up with the wrong man.
Robert was surprised. His eyes scanned the room, until they fixed on the elegant emerald colored dress
Sylvia was wearing near the buffet table.
“I'm sure she'll be back over in a minute, if you just want to wait...”
“No need,” the Greek said curtly. Robert watched his heavy legs plod across the floor, terminating in
sleek black shoes so finely polished that they reflected back the elegant torch light cast around the
He watched him wrap a heavy arm around his wife's shoulder just a moment later. She spun around in
alarm, but smiled at the unusual gesture. They struck up a conversation he couldn't hear over the distant
voices and light classical music playing over the sound system.
Robert eyed his watch, guessing that the conference would start in another half hour. During that time,
he watched the billionaire converse, laugh, and elbow his wife for much longer than he had spent
talking to him.
I thought we were here to talk business...what's going on here?
Just a few minutes before Markos was due to speak, the Greek bowed his head and moved away from
her, freeing Sylvia to find her seat next to Robert. He eyed her jealously as she approached.
“What did he say to you?” He tried to hide the exasperation in his voice. Nothing like this had ever
happened before.
“What a great guy! He talked all about how he rarely gets women like me here – you know, real wives
married to up and coming stars in entrepreneurship. Robby, he invited us up to his private apartments
later. He really wants to talk to us...”
Robert's head was spinning, as though he had repeatedly snaked his way through one of those unevenly
colored revolving doors that are so popular in Vegas casinos and old hotels. The envy crept in, and yet,
there was something else.
His cock was bulging in his trousers, as it often did when strange men flirted with his wife. He knew
that she had done more than just flirt back on a few occasions. He didn't mind, either, since she needed
satisfaction he couldn't provide most of the time.
Still, his ultimate fantasy remained unfulfilled. He wanted to see his wife's infidelity with the bigger,
better men she had consorted with in their half decade of marriage. The effort to conceive a child had
taken her away from her secretive liaisons, or so he thought...
Markos interrupted his lustful visions as he mounted the small glass podium set up near the front of the
room. The lights hummed as they melted down to a lower setting. Seconds passed, and the paragon of
masculinity and wealth began to speak in his low baritone voice.
“My friends, you are here today because your talents have made you all a worthy crew. Let me cut right
to the chase, rather than flattering your professional sensibilities more than I already have. I want you
to help me reach immortality.”
The room fell deadly silent, and someone coughed uncomfortably, as though the billionaire had lost his
“No, no,” Markos continued with a wave of his hands. “I have no intention of living forever. We all
have an expiration date. Rather, we can put a piece of ourselves off world. I trust everyone has heard of
the space elevator nearing completion in Africa?
Yes, you have. The first satellite set to embark from this new entryway into space is going to house the
world's largest hard drive. I plan to store the memories, marketing interests, and DNA of every man,
woman, and child on the face of the earth.
Why bother? I believe that everyone deserves to have something that says, 'I was here.' No one, from
the lowliest pool boy to the wealthiest hereditary prince, ever needs to disappear from history again.
We live in an age where you, my friends, can help me build a fountain of digital youth that keeps on
Anyone who has met me knows that I dislike long discussions. I take action, which is why I plan to live
forever, in one form or another. So can you.
Each of you represents a different strand of success, all of which needs to be bundled together to see
this project born. I want to ask you all to take the night, think it over, and get back to me.
When you accept – and I trust that many of you will – plenty more details and fund raising
considerations will be coming. But please, in between meditating, take full advantage of my facilities
and enjoy yourselves.”
He picked up his tablet computer and stormed off the stage as rapidly as he had appeared. The
entrepreneurs in the room shifted unsteadily, too stunned to confer with one another or applaud the
strange remarks. Markos was known for boldness, but none of his visitors had any idea...until now.
Meanwhile, spouses and a handful of children brought by the billionaire's guests gabbed away as
though nothing happened. The lights hummed from afar and brightened again, as the chords of classical
music rang through the large room.
The rest of the evening passed in a blur as Robert fought over the tremendous advantages and
disadvantages of agreeing to the project. Sylvia slipped off with another American wife to frequent the
wine bar, and he was left alone, staring at the pale golden bubbles in his champagne, which he barely
A tremendous grandfather clock clamored from beyond the lounge, loud enough to disrupt the sparse
crowd still nestled there. It was nine o clock, and Sylvia re-appeared at his side, leaning down in front
of him until her cleavage spilled out.
“Hon, it's time to go see Markos. You ready?”
Robert felt the unease in his chest that came when his wife conferred with the powerful man earlier.
Slowly, as though he were marching toward his own criminal trial, he followed his wife's tightly clad
ass as she sashayed toward the elevator, unevenly clicking her heels on the tile thanks to the liquor's
On the fifth floor, they moved all the way toward the end of the hall, where a burly looking Greek
guard nodded at them. They knocked on the wide lacquered door, and another servant let them in.
His private apartments were much bigger than the small mansion Robert had picked outside of Albany
as soon as his company was sold. The servant brought them through another door, and they found
themselves in the billionaire's expansive library, where he sat reading a large black book by an amber
colored fire.
Neither of them could read the blocky Greek letters inscribed in gold over the front. Yet, the gilded
caricature of Pan sporting a large erection above his goat legs gave an indication of what it might be
“Nice to see the two of you again,” Markos said, though his eyes fixed only on Sylvia. His roguish
hands moved to a glass bottle on the table in the center of the room, and he poured them both a caramel
colored drink in two crystal glasses.
The billionaire raised his cup and said a few words in Greek, oblivious to the couple's inability to
understand a word he said. The drink had a similarly alien name, and Robert couldn't tell what he was
The stuff tasted acrid, but infused his stomach with a curious energy. His wife's skyline colored eyes
shimmered as she downed her glass, much quicker than either of the men.
Markos laughed. “Nice to see a woman with an appetite for good alcohol. You know, I can sense that
the two of you have a greater appreciation for my little project than the others. This is why I invited
you here,” he said, staring off into the fire.
Husband and wife sat down in chairs that were separated down the middle by the flames, with Sylvia
directly facing the titan across from her. With a stony look on his face, he began a long, rambling
discourse on what it means to live forever.
Sylvia, who snoozed through most of the book club talks she had with her friends, was strangely
enchanted by his words and the sorrowful tone in his voice. Emotion poured out, helped by his thin
accent, like a sticky syrup floating through the air and coating her ears.
“My mother died when I was very young. Before she went, she made it clear that I was descended from
a long line of warriors, priests, and possibly ancient kings. Bloodlines don't mean much in America, of
course, but here – here, they separate the bronze from the gold.”
Robert felt his head nodding in his chair, his energy sapped by the earlier gathering and the drink. Fear
of insulting the billionaire should have kept him wide awake, but he struggled not to collapse into sleep
right there.
He watched his wife scoot her chair closer to Markos as he stared thoughtfully into the fire, lifting his
broad chest with heavy breaths. Time was dilating around him. He opened his mouth to speak, but the
words were stuck, like plump flies in net of cobwebs.
“Oh, Markos, don't ever let it get to you. As long as we're surrounded by those we love, we're never
truly forgotten,” Sylvia said, drifting off into a long spiel culled from her Think Positive seminars.
Robert felt his eyelids slam shut, but only for an instant. Later, he realized, far more time must have
passed. When he fully awoke again, his wife nestled in the Greek's arms, as his powerful hands curled
around her green clad ass. She moaned, rolling her soft chin against his rough stubble. Her lips parted
for his thick tongue.
“Hey. Hey! What the hell is going on?” Robert intended to shout his outburst until it echoed through
the room, but he could only manage a sick man's whispers.
Markos pulled away from Sylvia's heated skin for a moment, long enough to eye her husband with an
eagle's dangerous eyes. His hands stayed firmly planted on her behind, and Robert swore that he saw
his fingers dig into her cheeks.
“Mind your own business, little man. This is what she needs, and what I need so desperately too.” His
head tilted like a cobra, magnetically drawn back to Sylvia's body, which shed pheromones across the

Robert shifted in his seat, suddenly feeling a return of his normal faculties. His instinct should have led
him to walk over, punch the big ape, and then high tail it out of there with his woman in his arms.
Instead, he sank back into his chair, overcome with an electric tingling.
This can't be happening. This can't be real. Oh, God! I've never been harder in my life...I just want it
all to go away, but my body doesn't.
He stepped inside his inner self, visualizing his naked body flopping on the floor, in the throes of
orgasm as his wife moaned on top of a superior man. His prick was rising and leaking beneath his belt,
throbbing with a fierceness that hardly ever came when Sylvia pleased him.
“Markos...Markos...Markos...Ohh...” Sylvia was whispering his name, as though it were a holy oath
that promised to deliver everything. His hands rose from her ass and he grabbed her by the shoulders,
pushing the straps to her dress down.
The green cloth fell from her body, pooling by her feet. She stepped forward and pressed herself into
his arms, burying her bare flesh against his expensive suit.
The Greek stallion quickly disposed of her lacy bra and panties, taking only a minute to admire them as
they clung to her supple parts. Next, he removed his own clothes, flinging his fine adornments toward
the fireplace with surprising carelessness. He was down to his boxers, and he let her warm herself
against the tight pillows formed by his sizable chest muscles.
Sylvia went berserk, hungering for her new lover in a way she hadn't with her husband, nor the other
men she took as short lived flings. None of them had anything on Markos, who exemplified physical,
mental, and monetary perfection, like the Hellenic statues of faintly remembered gods dotting the
countryside outside the estate.
Robert's body rebelled against him, ensnaring him in his own lust as he helplessly watched his wife
meld with the foreigner. A deep guttural groan spilled from the billionaire's mouth as he shoved her
hips into the strong horn rising in his shorts, which would make its appearance soon.
They kissed, letting the flaming light dance across their bodies and form short lived shadows, bringing
a doubly surreal edge to the unexpected show before Robert. He gasped when Markos swept his gorilla
like arms around his wife, slinging her up so that he could carry her.
He walked right past her husband, who could only stare with an open mouth and a nascent erection. It
took Robert a full minute to trot sheepishly after them as they made their way to his master suite.
A young servant smiled, and then diverted his eyes, going back to mopping the floors that led into the
kitchen. Robert blushed, feeling the heat of shame. Oddly, the raging inferno he got from seeing his
wife with this magnificent man trumped his self-consciousness.
After what felt like a long march, they arrived in the spacious bedroom, where Markos parted a curtain
around the huge bed and dipped her onto the sheets. Sylvia moaned, having never felt such cool, pure
linens against her naked flesh.
“Come here, have no idea how long I've needed this.” Her words stung in her husband's
ears, but he sat on a reclining chair near a large window, watching Markos climb through the veil and
press down on top of her.
Everything took the form of an elegant shadow play. Later, Robert guessed that the slight obscuring of
their naked bodies kept his sanity in check, though he watched and heard enough to burn his heart for a

“Take them off. Please, I need to feel you in me. Mmmm.” Sylvia sighed as the billionaire complied,
slowly pushing his boxers down his meaty thighs and tossing them toward the edge of the bed.
The thickest cock Robert had ever seen sprang out of his pants. The large, bulbous head pressed firmly
against his wife's flesh, and he heard her chirp with delight.
“Oh, look how big you are. I just don't know if I can take all that!” Sylvia said, hugging his face down
to her nipples, and arching her body in a way that said she would try to swallow his girth.
Markos tongued a long trail down her lithe form. She shuddered and curled her toes, wrapping her legs
around him as he buried his head between her legs.
Robert could only hear sucking and lapping sounds coming from her crotch. Soon, the purring in his
wife's throat was followed by high pitched squeals of excitement. Her lust gushed out her mouth, and
she came faster and harder against his tongue than any orgasm she received from her husband.
The billionaire gnawed her clitoral bud with ferocious energy as she worked her ass down into the
sheets, squirting feminine juices from her puss into his outstretched mouth. Her hips raised and bucked
against his mouth, riding his coarse lips until the wave roared through her ears, and then began to
“Nhhh. That was too good, baby. Now, please, that big cock of yours...”
Robert watched the shadowy form of the Greek rise up like a great bull, ready to gore her insides with
the horn between his legs, rather than one spearing from his head. He waved his hips back and forth,
rubbing her swollen labia with his purplish head.
Suddenly, he made a rapid jerking movement, forcing himself into her in the time span of a single
winking eye. Sylvia raised her hips and screamed, first in alarm, and then in pleasure. He wasted no
time in pleasuring her, tunneling deep and long into her depths, until the top of his pulsating cylinder
touched her cervix.

“Oh...Oh! We – we really shouldn't,” Sylvia cried. “I'm not on the pill. Don't you know?”
Markos pushed himself all the way into her and stared. Robert couldn't see his eyes, but he knew that
they were determined and unwilling to stop at her pitiful complaints.
“Beg for it, my beautiful lady,” Markos said. As if to underscore his request, he resumed rutting deep
inside her, stroking the well stretched walls of her slick cavern as he crept deeper and deeper, letting his
testes tighten with anticipation.
He fucked her in long, determined strokes, and alternated into a faster tempo that caused his heavy
balls to slap the edges of her ass cheeks like metal pendulums. Sylvia grunted, raising her sopping wet
slit up for him to have better access.
Her body had betrayed her reason. “Oh! Oh! I haven't been fucked like this since college!”
Her words echoed in Robert's ears. They had barely met by the time she graduated, and he knew that
she was referring to a previous boyfriend.
He didn't know what was worse: the fact that she had been so poorly served by his sex, or that she was
now spiraling toward the greatest orgasm of her life with a stranger who was everything he could never
Robert stood, feeling the ache in his heart connecting with the heavy bulge in his pants. He peered
down at them, watching as Markos' powerful ass clenched each time he went plunging into his wife.
The Greek grabbed her tits and playfully yanked at her nipples as if they were putty.
In reality, her entire body had melted into lust charged goo beneath him. They hammered the mattress
until she started screaming again, spewing unintelligible sounds from her mouth as her entire body
spasmed against his. Her second orgasm went nova, causing her to see stars slipping from her mouth as
she choked out her pleasure.
“I want it. Markos, I want it! Please, give me your seed. Fill me all the way up...let me make you an
A smug look of satisfaction passed over the Greek's face, and he balled up his ass muscles, running into
her with an experienced steam engine's regularity and force. Seconds later, he revived her waning
climax, grinding his shaft against her womb and channeling the energies throughout his body.
His entire back seized up, all the way from his ass to his neck. He fully sank into her velvety darkness
and erupted. Markos ejected a minotaur's noises as he came, howling with energies somewhere
between beast and man as he flung jet after jet of creamy magma into her.
Sylvia shrieked in sharp, ecstatic pitches, feeling her puss convulse uncontrollably. His seed had
activated unnatural impulses she couldn't control, and her womb darted down greedily with every
spasm, sucking up the essence stewing inside her.
He kept himself planted in her for a full minute, panting and blubbering in Greek. Sylvia hummed and
moaned. Her lips went up to his, and they kissed passionately as he rocked his hips.
Just like a dog. He's taken something very precious. Why do I feel so happy, so aroused?
Robert's thoughts were interrupted by the loud protests of the bed as her lover rolled away. A long
strand of his seed drooled out of her, until she instinctively clamped her legs shut.
Just when he assumed the billionaire needed his rest, the man surprised him by pulling Sylvia on top of
him. His cock had lost none of its obscene strength, towering like an ancient fertility pole as her well
filled puss engulfed him.
She rode him for nearly ten minutes, cumming on his massive cock and caterwauling with furious
hunger more times than Robert could count. He had never seen Syl, but still hungry
for as much as he could give her.

Outside the massive window, the stars dimmed as hours passed. Robert's knees burned as he watched
the billionaire flood her sex again and again with his baby making potion.
He shot it into her from every angle imaginable. On top, below, to the side, and upside down. She took
it no matter how he held her, addicted to the incredible heat and delicious pressure of his spurting cock.
As the reddish Mediterranean sun broke over the horizon, things seemed to slow down. Robert took the
opportunity to retreat to the Greek's private bathrooms, where he relieved himself in the distant irreality
that seemed to cling to everything.
He stroked his leaking scepter vigorously over the urinal, ticking down the handful of minutes he
needed to coalesce the alien sights he had seen into release. He closed his eyes and came, imagining
Markos filling his wife with another dose of the potent nourishment she craved.
He's really going to do it, where I never could. Things are different now. Syl, welcome to motherhood.
My wife...I'll never leave your side, even if it means becoming a cuckold without an heir.
A vision of the vibrant sperm curling in his wife's dark cavern floated through his mind. He saw
thousands of hyper-competitive cells racing against each other, every one of them promising to spawn
another demi-god like Markos in the fertile valley housing her precious egg.
He saw his future rolling out before him, a fate he had no say in, or at least no willpower to alter. That
moment, destiny was being decided in Markos' suite, deep within the semen spattered confines of her
bristling womb.

Visions of Eternity

They stayed in Greece for another week, repeating a similar version of the same act every other night.
Robert could barely contain his enthusiasm as he watched them fuck, hating Markos for his boastful
virility, but loving the man for the way he pleasured his wife.
On the plane ride back to the States, Sylvia planted his soft hand on her stomach. A crop of lazy clouds
were passing by, like islands in the sky, signaling entry to some strange kingdom.
“Feel it, Robby. Right here.” She pressed his fingers deeper, lower, down to her puss that contained the
drying remnants of Markos' last heavy loads. “This is where he put our baby.”
Robert patted her, letting the words sink in. The next few months were unbelievable.
He received odd calls, emails, and a visit from a foreigner in a finely pressed suit. The untraceable
Mediterranean pressed a thin envelope into his hands and left in the Mercedes outside, not bothering to
turn around when Robert yelled after him.
The Lambrinidis Group began sending him regular updates about the immortality project, with status
reports and bottomless financial projections regarding its progress. He worked tenaciously on the new
social network designed to draw in the world's most talented artists.
As with most details of the secretive endeavor, the network was merely a front to get this demographic
interested. As soon as he had their personal blogs, media, and millions of comments from fans, the
information would be sent back to the central database and added to the storage unit slated for a distant
Four months in, Sylvia's stomach was beginning to bulge. She forced him to take on an extra maid
since her normal chores were becoming too much during her pregnancy. His wife talked baby showers
and nursery designs non-stop.
The reality of what the Greek billionaire had given him was beginning to set in. As her belly grew, so
did his lust. He relieved himself from hard days of work inside her mouth or on her stomach, doing his
best to imitate her breeder's unmatched prowess between the sheets. He knew he wouldn't be anything
but a crude imitation, but that was better than being nothing.
“Any chance of going back to Greece soon?” She asked, often with great regularly in their postorgasmic

One day, he worked up the nerve to open the mysterious parcel, which had sat in his drawer for weeks.
The crabbed, but clear handwriting told him it could have only come from one source. Inside, he found
a neatly written letter for his eyes only, straight from Markos.
Dear Mister Plame,
I trust that you and Sylvia are well on your way to being parents by now. Please, accept my sincere
congratulations. Take your duty seriously and do your very best. Children grow up so fast.
You might also note that your wife is asking about Greece again. The two of you are welcome back to
my estate at any time, but I prefer to wait until her womb is open and ready again.
Bring the baby. I always like to see the little selves I create.
Enclosed is a check for five million dollars. You will see that it should not be cashed until exactly a
year from now, about the time I expect the elevator to be complete, and the immortality engine to be
ascending to the heavens.
Half of this money is yours, for your dedication to making immorality a reality. The other half belongs
to Sylvia and our child, who are doing the real work needed to give me eternal life. The very best of us,
you see, are meant to spread our genes to the ends of the earth, and possibly beyond. This is the only
way to be certain that we will live on forever, exactly as we deserve.
I look forward to seeing you and your lovely wife next year, and for many years after that. She is fairly
young and beautiful. The doctors tell me she has many fertile years left as well. Consider yourself
blessed. I know I do.
Markos Lambrinidis

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